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Boa Vista is sustainable tourism

Welcome to Boa Vista – Cape Verde

Boa Vista (Cape Verde)


Boa Vista is an island of the archipelago of Cape Verde and is the nearest to the coast of Africa, is in fact about 440 km from the coast of Senegal.

The island of volcanic origin is totally desertic with breathtaking views of long beaches of white sand dunes, lava rocks and volcanic peaks.

Boa Vista is known for being the island of turtles, the dunes and the music.

The capital, Sal Rei, is located north-west of the island, then there is Povaçao Velha, first human settlement of the island dated back to the late fourteenth century AD, Rabil the village by the name of the airport, and Bofareira, the three villages of Norte , Joao Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeço de Tarafes.

The surface of the island is about 620km2 and hosts around 12,000 people.

Official language is Criol/Portuguese.

Boa Vista is wonderful!

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Boa Vista Relax and more

Boa Vista island offers a landscape still wild and pristine.

No adjective are enough to describe the places and the feeling you get treading step by step and discovering this land. There’s a whole region of nothing but desert and stones, but let your senses flow and you will find your mind and body surrounded by scents, smells, colors, sounds and unique vibrations. Once arrived here you will be influenced for sure, and getting away from the daily stress, you’ll discover Nature and yourself again.

The locals have even invented the phrase “no stress” for us foreigners chronically harassed, hurried, from punctuality and consumerism. No stress, you’ll hear this phrase often, sometimes as an occasion to sell you some souvenirs, but the truth is that Boa Vista will contaminate you for real with its simplicity and poverty. The comparison with our stressed lives will surely shock you. No greed, no desire of richness or wealth, with a life of poverty these persons still manage to laugh and live their life in completely serenity, so much in fact, that this will extend to you for sure.

Boa Vista is Good Cousine

A typical Cape Verdean dish is the Cachupa present in 2 varieties, the Rica, a soup, and the Guisada, dried in a pan and added with a fish or an omelette.

The abundance of fish in Boa Vista is a value to the island’s market: tuna, greenhouse, dorado, garopa, lobster and many others.

With these various fish species, restaurants and taverns have plenty of really succulent and eye-catching dishes for you, waiting to being devoured.

Boa Vista is Fun

Playing sports and having fun is really easy in Boa Vista: Kite to fly over the waves or Diving to see beautiful fish, Hiking, Biking or Horseback Riding to enjoy a landscape still wild and pristine. Why not hire a quad bike and enjoy a day in the nature? You will discover the raw beauty and culture of this wonderful island.

Enjoy an evening in a ciringuitos or dance all the night until dawn. Eat a pizza or have a sip of grogue or pontche, listening to Cape Verdean typical music.

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Useful Informations

WIFI : On the main square of Sal Rei right in front of Sabura Center Tourist Information Center, exist a free wi-fi signal called Konekta. VEHICLE GUIDE: The Capoverdian laws for driving motorized vehicles are identical to those of Europe. You need a driving license...

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