TAP, (Portuguese Airline) stopover in Lisbon connects the main airports directly with the island of Santiago (Praia International Airport – RAI)

Site: http://www.flytap.com

, New company which is operating flights on Cape Verde with more competitive prices connects various Italian airports with the airport SAL, you can then continue to the island of Santiago , or to the other islands by booking a domestic flight company TACV Cape Verde.

Site: http://www.vueling.com


NEOS, the Italian airline, connects the airports of Bergamo, Verona, Bologna, Milan and Rome, with the airports on the islands of Sal and BOA VISTA direct flight.

Site: http://www.neosair.it


TACV, (Cape Verdean airline) connects the various islands in the Cape Verd with flights and intercontinental connections with Europe, America and Africa, also operates direct flights from Italy from the airports of Milan and Bergamo.

Site: https://flytacv.com

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