Documents and visas

To enter the Republic of Cape Verde is required to have a passport valid for at least six months, you can apply for entry visa at your Embassy in your Country.

It is possible to obtain a tourist visa foreign office directly at your destination in Cape Verde, in such a case may be submitted for presentation of documentation proving the condition of tourist and livelihoods.


In Cape Verde there are no endemic diseases, so it’s not necessary or required any vaccination. In each island of Cape Verde there are pharmacies and health centers, anyway we recommend to the visitors to bring their own medicines from home in case of any failure.

Time zone

Less than two hours



Currency and Payments

The legal currency is the Cape Verdean Escudos ( ECV ), with a fixed exchange rate in EUR 110.265 ECV.

The various Credit Cards Visa or MasterCard can be used to type ATM withdrawals ( ATM ) almost everywhere, of course distribute Currency Escudos. The use of electronic payments it’s not very widespread, but some are starting to offer the service. Saw the changing almost on par, you can make payments with Euro which are accepted but often with 1/1 change, example: 10euro 1000ecv, a not convenient rate.


In Cape Verde the voltage is 220 volts.

The electrical outlets in many cases are ungrounded and still the small size two-pole; there’s also the German type plug. Around Cape Verde electricity is a bit unstable and is not suggested to leave energized electrical devices more than necessary.

Phones / Internet

The international code of Cape Verde is 00238. It’s not advisable to use mobile phones for international calls because the costs are very expensive. We therefore recommend the internet point or purchasing local SIM card at one of the two national carriers Unitel T + or CV Movel, with about 10 euro you can have 2GB internet in your mobile and if you want you can also charge for local calls. You can buy them without registration and without any personal data or documents.


The Cape Verdeans are a peaceful people and welcoming tourists are respected. In this country the criminal events are a rare phenomenon, but some cases of theft to tourists still happens, so you should take the normal precautions as every other country in the world.

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