To go to Boa Vista each season is nice although characterized by its periods.

January, February and March, the months of the trade winds, this strong wind that always blows from east to west and pushes the sails of water sports enthusiasts.

April, May and June, seasons are not too windy and still not too hot, good for everyone. April and May are even the months of the passage of whales and their babies off the coast, power of nature at work.

July and August months are very hot but fantastic for the warm sea and tours to the wonderful beaches and dunes. These months are also characterized by the turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beaches, beautiful night excursions.

September and October are still two months where you can enjoy excellent sea and hot summer weather, beware of the possibility of rain although rare and improbable.

November and December, the ultimate months to escape from the European cold to dive into the sea of ​​Cape Verde.

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