Chapter One

Nine years have passed since i gave a look from the top of a dune to the sea, fell in love with this place. Boa Vista, anything and everything through rocks, sand, dust and salt, with no way to live in such a place and yet it does, and yet there is prejudice and yet you fall in love with his mouth open every day. Emotions can not be transferred, but I can tell you that here there are only if you have an open heart and senses alert to what lies within appearances.

A little farther than the "curtain", beyond the visible tourism and urban life there is a parallel world, a life hidden from view in a hurry, dark and left to itself, the Barraccas.

There is not a worse place of poverty that you live there, there is no better place to feel how life is important and how lucky we are. Everything is packed in wooden shacks, metal, scrap and cement, a mass of people and life of busy people and children who do not know what is the playstation. I wish you could see with the eyes of the heart these images, these faces that despite everything, they always smile and greet you without asking anything. An example without being heroes.

Chapter Two

The true number is not known exactly but the last census a few years ago found to be more than 6,000 people living in "the Baracche". Workers, fishermen, workers in hotels and many many unemployed in the hope of finding a job. There are only so many Cape Verdeans but African countries like Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Nigeria, Sao Tome Principe, Gambia and many other countries.

Passing through the narrow streets marked in the mud and on the open sewers and if you do not really distract from the bad smell that perpetually lingers in the air, you discover the faces of these people, people who is always smiling and has a special light in the eyes. There's a reason you insist on living piled on each other in a place where it is certain that you can not have anything more than that, perhaps we can not understand us, that life, perhaps, has within other, something we do not know "live" or "recognize".
Chapter Three

The barracks are not a place impenetrable to those who live there, are not only a place for the poor or people without possibilities and expectations, we can get, get, mingle among their activities, drink in their bar and eat in their "restaurants". The important thing is to have RESPECT for what you watch and threshing. There can be approximated in these places with the eyes of tourists with curiosity horrible or painful. Abhor often see cars and quad bike tours that pass slowly in single file through the narrow streets of "the Barrache" hidden behind helmets or car windows taking pictures to show or remember how much and what is poverty.. shame.

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