100 (1/2 pers.)

 135 (3 pers.) 45/p.p.

 148 (4 pers.) 37/p.p.

 160 (5 pers.) 32/p.p.

 180 (6 pers.) 30/p.p.

(Reserve area entrance tax 3€/p.p. not included)

Offer Tour Turtle watching 2018

Start from/to your accomodation at 18,30 to 1,00 max.

The excursion will be on the beach where the guide will decide better for that night. Normally near of Ervatào the base of the biologists in the south-east of the island.

The guide will come to bring you in the hotel. Remember that the excursion is in the night and is a little bit cold, please take with you something to dress..Good idea is to take with some snaks and drinks for confort.. During the watching is forbidden to use flashes or white lamps that disturb turtles.

Remember that the mathematical certainty of the vision of turtles can not be taken even though the possibilities are very high!

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