On the main square of Sal Rei right in front of Sabura Center Tourist Information Center, exist a free wi-fi signal called Konekta.


The Capoverdian laws for driving motorized vehicles are identical to those of Europe. You need a driving license corresponding to the vehicle you intend to drive. In addition, there are some rules for the respect of nature and the helth that forbidden to drive any vehicle on the beaches and dunes of the island and respect in any case of 80/100 meters away from the seaweed.


Beware of chartering motorized vehicles! If you rent vehicles like quads or others from private or unidentified people, be aware that the vehicle you are using is probably unsecured! Private vehicles are normally insured only for the use of the owner or family members. Check it out well. Secondly, remember that the rented vehicle privately evades the payment of taxes and licenses, so it is illegal in all respects.



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